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The Pros and Cons of Using Portable Storage Devices

With remote and hybrid working becoming the new norm in organizations, many employees choose to use portable storage devices for their ability to transport data easily and quickly. Portable storage devices such as external hard drives and USBs are also very handy for backing up important documents. It also enables many users to log into the same workstation and much more economical and flexible to use than having to invest a workstation for each employee.

Data storage technology has been growing steadfastly both in terms of its capacity and its speed. The production of mass-appeal-low-cost products also increase product availability in the market, making it easier to use. However, the ease of using portable storage device is not without a caveat.

Statistics by Scotland Yard shows that 98% of crimes committed against companies in UK is related to company’s employees. The usage of portable devices can impact corporate network security through intentional or unintentional trespassing of viruses, malware or crimeware that can bring down the corporate network and disrupt business activity.  Adding to its complication is data theft by outsiders which use social engineering techniques to manipulate unsuspecting employees into using media or portable storage devices on the company’s network workstation.

When confidential information is stolen, companies might face legal issues for its negligence for any information that is ‘lost’. These liabilities can impact company’s assets under different laws in different counties. In USA under HIPAA regulation, a wrong disclosure (although unintentional) of patient’s information can be penalized with a maximum fine of $250,000 and 10 years of imprisonment.

Preventing Data Theft in Portable Storage Devices

To prevent unauthorized portable device use, some companies ban the use of portable storage devices completely. However, this practice is not effective since it is undeniable that USBs and External Hard Drives are highly functional and can be very beneficial to use when secured properly, especially for remote working environment.

The most effective solution is to use an encrypted external hard drives and USBs with high level of security. SecureDriveand SecureUSBare using the patented DataLockÒ technology to eliminate any data leakage completely. Our devices are hardware encrypted and FIPS validated, which means that our products adhere to data security and computer system standards by the U.S Government.

We understand that security is not just a matter of encryption. Our goal is to secure your data without compromise. From the material that is specially curated for its resistance to military grade XTS-AES 256 Bit hardwareencryption and anti-virus protection by ClevXDriveSecurityÒ, SecureData’s products provide you with the highest level of security in the market.

Hackers can attack your data anytime. Your data should be safely protected anytime. With our Time-Fencing feature, you can set time-restriction to limit access whenever it is not in use. SecureDrive and SecureUSB are also equipped with Geo-Fencing feature to create a virtual boundary around a location. Using this feature, your data can’t be accessed by unauthorized user from different location. Should your device goes missing, you can protect it by locking it down, geo-fencing, recover password, and even remotely wiping your drive. All can be done by using Remote Management. By subscribing into our optional Remote Management feature, you can have more control over your devices, limiting its time and place to be used.

The SecureDrive products have obtained the highest certification and awards for product design, innovation and security. We have served enterprises, healthcare institutions, governments, etc. and pride ourselves for providing them with innovative and intuitive products. Organizations around the globe, including U.S Army, Verizon, USDA, IBM, etc. have trusted us for our unwavering commitment to provide security without compromise. Choosing SecureDrive and SecureUSB is your best bet for having both practical and secure portable storage devices to increase your work productivity. For more information on how our products can help you, please find this link for SecureDrive and SecureUSB.