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Cybersecurity Training for Every Employee

SANS is the most trusted and largest source for information security training and security certification in the world. 30 years of experience in cybersecurity training, with content from hundreds of the world’s best cyber practitioners and learning behavior professionals, makes SANS the best choice for security awareness training. Their solutions help transform your organization’s ability to manage security and human risk.

SANS partners closely with customers to cover the full spectrum of security from recruitment to leadership and builds programs to educate every employee – from specialized courses for security teams and senior leadership to security awareness programs for end users.

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Security Awareness Assessment Suite

Discover and prioritize your organization’s risks with these assessments that enable you to gain insight into not just your employees’ knowledge gaps, but also attitudes, processes, and practices around today’s most pressing security topics. Outcomes include:

  • A security awareness program tailored to the most important topics to your organization that require changed behavior
  • Reduce overtraining your employees,
  • Proving program success with metrics that establish what employees have learned throughout the training period.

End User Training

Move beyond compliance and build a truly mature awareness program that effectively educates employees and changes behaviours. Our full library of computer-based training plus phishing simulation tests cover all the most essential security topics of today and also cover more than 33 languages globally.

    Software Developer / IT Administrator Training

    Developers and IT Admins require even greater specialized training, such as secure coding principles and protecting network infrastructure. Role-based and progressive training paths are geared towards all involved in the development process. Create a secure culture and ecosystem to mitigate vulnerabilities in critical web applications.

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    From hardware appliances to software solutions and training, DT Asia understands cybersecurity challenges and can deliver solutions that help detect & identify, protect & secure, authenticate & authorise, and degauss & destroy.

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