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Since 1987, Proton Data Security has been helping our clients to erase sensitive data with our leading Data Destruction Equipment. Designed to comply with the strictest standard, our products are even utilized to sanitize electronic media by the U.S. government and its allies.

Certain types of organizations will find that software wipes and crushing are not adequate for erasing their highly confidential data. By using our NSA-approved Degausser and Destroyer products which use magnetic fields, you can erase your sensitive data completely and make it impossible for hackers to recover any data.

Over the years, we help clients to protect their sensitive data and establish ourselves as the trusted source for data security products.

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Meet the strictest standard: NSA, GSA, CESG, NATO, ISO 9001 certification

Patented ‘Reverse Polarity’ technology for the most powerful magnetic destruction

Proudly manufactured in United States with the highest quality material

Simple to operate


Proton 1100 Degaussing Wand

This item is on the NSA Evaluated Products List.
The Proton 1100 Degaussing Wand is designed to provide maximum security level degaussing. A multi-polar design ensures permanent data erasure for a wide range of magnetic media. It has been tested and approved for erasure of both Longitudinal (LMR) and Perpendicular (PMR) magnetic storage devices up to and including 5000 Oersteds.

Proton T-1 Hard Drive Degausser

The Proton T-1 Hard Drive Degausser is an economical, automatic, drawer-style degausser, perfect for low to mid-volume degaussing requirements. It permanently erases data from hard drives and various tape media with an effective magnetic field of at least 1 Tesla per cycle. The Proton T-1 is simple to operate: just insert media into the drawer and push the start button. Its LCD displays magnetic field strength of every cycle to guarantee performance. Plus, the Digital Cycle Counter helps operator keep track of erasures. This Proton T-1 is extremely compact and portable, ideal for small spaces and transportation.

Proton T-1.5 Hard Drive Degausser

A powerful, high speed, automatic, drawer-style, mid to high volume degausser that permanently erases data from hard drives and various tape media. It has an effective magnetic field of at least 1.5 Tesla per cycle, making it the strongest and fastest commercial degausser available. The T-1.5 sanitizes the highest coercivity media in the industry!

Proton T-4 NSA Listed Hard Drive Degausser

The NSA listed T-4 utilises patented “Reverse Polarity” technology to produce a bi-directional field of at least 20,000 Gauss positive and 20,000 Gauss negative per cycle. This proprietary technology creates the highest flux field of any degausser available and ensures permanent erasure of the highest coercivity media available today. It is also projected to handle future media technology for years to come. Other degaussers may have either a positive or negative pulse, but not both; this technology is unique to the T-4. There is also no drawer to open and close, which reduces operator handling and increases efficiency.

Proton T-5 NSA Listed Hard Drive Degausser

Proton’s newest NSA degausser erases hard drives and other magnetic media in 20 seconds or less. It produces a magnetic field of at least 20,000 Gauss (2 Tesla) per cycle and is approved to handle Top Secret / Classified data. For performance verification, its internal Gaussmeter guarantees every cycle meets NSA specifications. The T-5 is the ultimate degausser for efficiency and data security.


Proton PDS 75 HDD Destroyer/Crusher

The PDS-75 Drive Destroyer is made to quickly and securely destroy hard drives. Specifically designed for emergency situations where electric power may not be available and quick destruction is a must, the PDS-75’s affordability and versatility makes it perfect for both the government and commercial market. With additional options available, it can be customised to any location and application. Using a degausser is the best way to ensure all data on hard drives and storage tapes is completely unrecoverable. The PDS-75 is a great accompaniment to a Proton degausser!

Proton PDS-100 HDD Destroyer/Crusher

The NSA listed, PDS-100 Destroyer exudes versatility and simplicity in one powerful machine. Simply insert the hard drive and sensors will automatically start the 10 second destruction cycle. A unique feature of the PDS-100 is its ability to operate manually if power is ever interrupted or unavailable. Simply grab the crank handle to continue securely destroying hard drives. With additional options available, it can be customised to any location and application. Using a degausser is the best way to ensure all data on hard drives and storage tapes is completely unrecoverable. The PDS-100 is a great accompaniment to a Proton degausser!

Proton PDS-SSD Destroyer

The PSD-SSD Destroyer adds solid state (SSD) destruction capability to the NSA listed PDS-75 and PDS-100 hard drive (HDD) destroyers. It drives spikes through SSD and flash-based media ensuring all memory chips on the boards are destroyed. This assures data is unrecoverable. Simply replace the debris tray from your Proton destroyer with this SSD insert – takes less than 10 seconds and no tools required.


Proton PDS-78 Solid

State Multimedia/Paper


The perfect medium duty shredder for the destruction of SSDs (no metal encasements), CDs, DVDs, flat or crumpled paper, ID badges, keycards, credit/store cards, passports, and more.
The Proton PDS-78 is the best match for office use and medium service providers.

Proton PDS-88 Solid State Media Shredder

The Proton PDS-88 Solid State Media Shredder is the perfect combination of office shredder, disintegrator and industrial shredder. It has the capability to shred several types of media, including solid state drives, CDs/DVDs, USB drives and more. Plus, it’s packed nicely into an office shredder body. With an easy to use control panel docked at the top of the shredder and safety features that allow users to visibly watch media get destroyed by the several interlocking shredder teeth, the PDS-88 is the perfect solution to solid state & media destruction.

Proton PDS-104 Multimedia


The 104 Multimedia Shredder is designed to shred hard drives and other electronic media in an office or data center environment. It provides powerful shredding at low noise levels and conveniently plugs into standard 20 Amp wall outlets. For increased power and throughput, a 30 Amp upgrade option is available. The 104 helps safeguard data and provides compliance with data security laws and regulations.

Proton 105 Multi-Media Shredder

This product meets NIST, HIPPA and PCI Standards. It also meets DoD requirements for sanitizing unclassified government data.
The Proton PDS 105 Multimedia Shredder is capable of shredding hard drives, solid state drives, flash media, optical media and more. With an integrated control panel, this machine is ready to destroy hard drives and other media with ease. The optional conveyor belt allows for automatic disposal of e-waste into a receptacle. With a variety of cut sizes available, the Proton PDS-105 Multimedia Shredder is ready to take on industrial shredding projects. Please Request A Quote for more information.

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