Proton T-1 Hard Drive Degausser

The Proton T-1 Hard Drive Degausser is an economical, automatic, drawer-style degausser, perfect for low to mid-volume degaussing requirements.

It permanently erases data from hard drives and various tape media with an effective magnetic field of at least 1 Tesla per cycle.

The Proton T-1 is simple to operate: just insert media into the drawer and push the start button.

Its LCD displays magnetic field strength of every cycle to guarantee performance. Plus, the Digital Cycle Counter helps operator keep track of erasures.

This Proton T-1 is extremely compact and portable, ideal for small spaces and transportation.

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  • Simple operation; insert media into drawer and push start button
  • The T-1 ensures data is permanently erased and forensically unrecoverable
  • Erases all magnetic media (longitudinal and perpendicular), including all standard hard drives (laptop, desktop and network) and storage tapes (DLT, LTO, DDS, etc.)
  • Provides compliance with recognized security standards and regulations, including NIST, HIPAA, FACTA, PCI DSS, GLBA, PIPEDA, IRS, GDPR, etc.
  • Meets U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) requirements for sanitizing unclassified data
  • LCD displays magnetic field strength of every cycle to guarantee performance
  • Extremely compact and portable; optional wheeled deployment case available
  • Optional barcode scanner with audit-tracking system available
    Maintenance free; 1-year parts and labor warranty included and extended warranty available


Field Strength:

1 Tesla (10,000 Gauss) minimum

1.1 Tesla (11,000 Gauss) peak

Cycle Time: 15 seconds
Duty Cycle: Continuous

Up to 1,440/hour (2.5” laptop) 

and 240/hour (3.5” desktop)

Power: Dual voltage (90-240 VAC @ 50-60 Hz)
Drawer Size:

Handles all magnetic media within 

1.2”D x 10.2”H x 4.48”W (3.04cm x 25.91cm x 11.37cm)

Weight: 40 lbs (18kg)
Dimensions: 17.7”D x 9”H x 9.5”W (45cm x 23cm x 24cm


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