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Securaze Mobile has long been a trusted name in secure data erasure for the mobile industry. In our ongoing quest for innovation, we are thrilled to unveil the newest developments in Securaze Mobile, ushering in a new era of secure mobile device management.

In this article, we highlight the exciting features and advantages of the latest Securaze Mobile, designed to help you navigate the complexities of data security, device diagnostics, and resale in today’s digital landscape.

Smart Device Diagnostics: A Game Changer

Securaze Mobile, traditionally known for data erasure, now takes a bold step forward with the introduction of the Smart Device Diagnostics feature. This functionality allows users to conduct comprehensive analyses of mobile devices, whether they’re smartphones or tablets. It enables users to check the functionality of key components and swiftly identify any defects. Once the analysis is complete, a tamper-proof report is generated, offering a detailed overview of the device’s condition. Importantly, this diagnostic capability extends to locked devices, including those secured with Find My iPhone (FMiP), Pin Locks, and Sim-Pin. Through Mobile Device Management (MDM), even locked devices can undergo diagnosis. Additionally, we’ve introduced an option to maintain a WiFi connection during diagnosis, ensuring internet access remains available post-diagnosis when needed.

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Streamlined Operations with Autostart Features

Efficiency is paramount, which is why the Securaze Dashboard now features Autostart Diagnose and Autostart Erasure options. With Autostart Diagnose, the diagnostic process initiates automatically upon device connection. Similarly, Autostart Erasure ensures that device erasure commences without manual intervention. To prevent accidental erasures, a warning is displayed at the start of the Mobile application.

Enhanced iOS Capabilities

Securaze Mobile’s iOS capabilities have seen substantial improvements. Now, you can force device activation, even for devices on the “Hello” screen. This feature enables operators to trigger FMiP and MDM status updates, providing an accurate reflection of each device’s current state. Furthermore, iOS OEM part validation has been refined to deliver precise device assessments, offering reliable information for informed decision-making.

Unparalleled Compatibility

Securaze Mobile now extends its support to cover all Apple Silicon M1 and M2 models, ensuring comprehensive compatibility with Apple’s latest innovations. Additionally, it is compatible with all 64-bit Android devices, embracing the diversity of the mobile landscape. You can choose from three distinct application modes—”All,” “Diagnostics Only,” and “Erase Only”—to tailor the application to your specific needs. This customization minimizes operator complexity and streamlines device management.

Operator Empowerment and Automation

We’ve empowered operators further by allowing them to adjust hub settings and layout configurations. Additionally, you can opt for automatic station shutdown, enabling stations to power down based on your preferences, as configured in the Securaze Dashboard.

Enhanced Visualization and User Experience

User experience is at the core of our improvements. The latest software version introduces a lock icon for locked settings in Mobile Ops, providing clarity when no user is logged in or when operators have limited rights. Another noteworthy addition is hover functionality. Simply hover your cursor over the diagnose and erase buttons to access quick details, facilitating swift and informed decision-making.


The latest Securaze Mobile represents a significant leap forward in secure data management for mobile devices. With robust diagnostics, streamlined operations, and expanded compatibility, it empowers organizations to navigate the ever-evolving mobile landscape with confidence.


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