With the increasing internet usage from accessing your email, online shopping, social media, to online business meeting, internet users have to deal with dozensof passwords to deal with. Both for personal and work purposes, managing different passwords for various accounts can be troublesome. Determining a unique and strong password and remembering them all can be a challenge. That’s why most people use weak passwords and similar ones across multiple accounts.

In a study conducted by Google and Harris Poll, 3 out of 4 Americans feel frustrated by passwords with 1 out 4 use extremely easy password to guess and 59% use their name and birthdate in their password. Does it sound like what you do?

Cyber criminals are using the loophole and resell the data to breach your accounts. If you are wondering whether your password is safe enough, you can try to check it at Have I Been Pwned by entering your email address. Most probably you will find that your password is too weak, and your credentials have been leaked in data breach.

Fortunately, there is a solution for managing all your passwords which is called passwordless authentication. Utilizing passwordless authentication, the verification process is done with something other than a password. The most common method is by verifying a possession of a secondary device or a biometric trait (such as fingerprint or face recognition) that is unique to them. Passwordless authentication reduce security risk for any organizations. With its simplicity and high security level, it is no wonder that this method will gain more popularity in future.

Double Your Protection Using SecureData

SecureData, the most secure drive with military grade hardware encryption and patented DataLock® technology, allows you to take full control of your data security. Ideallyuse for both individual customers or organizations, SecureData is built to offer you with a range of high-level data protection encrypted hardware, from SecureUSBFlash Drive to SecureDrive. Our devices offer companies with unmatched protection for your most sensitive data while it’s in use, in offline encrypted backups, or on the move.

With brute force hack resistance feature, all data in drives will automatically get wiped after 10 unsuccessful password entries, preventing unauthorized users to access your highly confidential data. SecureData’s products are also designed to be dust and water resistance. SecureUSB and Secure Drive are also equipped with DriveSecurity® antivirus with one-year free antivirus protection.

To double protect your highly sensitive data, SecureData with ClevX®, a global leader in information security technology, provide secure password management for free. Purchase of SecureDrive KP/BT and SecureUSB KP/BT are entitled with free three-year subscription to MyPasswords. This cloud-based password management service allows users to tore and access an unlimited number of account credentials all in one place without the need for a master password.MyPasswords accounts are accessed by entering email address and follow a secure link to your account. With SecureData and MyPasswords, password management has never been easier.