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The New Lucy Release 4.8.4 with Additional Features for Cyber-Attack Learning Platform

Lucy Security is a trusted e-learning platform for organizations’ cyber-attack training, used by over 27 million users in the world. Offering a comprehensive learning platform, Lucy Security not only prepares employees for cyber-attack, but also engages them by actively involving employees to detect and fight against cyber-attack. Employees may report suspicious emails with just one click and the emails will in turn be analyzed by Lucy. Lucy will automatically send feedbacks about the risk scores for further action, such as reporting real attacks to responsible providers.

Lucy Security provides a variety of predefined, multilingual attack simulations which allow companies to test their employees’ readiness against phishing and malware attacks.Using Lucy Security platform, employees are provided with a ‘safe learning environment’ where they can learn and experience simulated attacks that go beyond just simple phishing emails.


To further answer new challenges in cyber security training, Lucy has released its newest version with multiple new features.The new release 4.8.4 allows employees to run phishing simulation with PDF attachment and file download. Cyber security companies have seen increasing trend at the utilization of malicious PDF files as enticing phishing vectors by cyber criminals. PDF files can be used across platforms and allow cyber criminals to lure users to fall into traps. Cyber criminals are now using embedded links and buttons in phishing PDF files, in forms of Fake Captcha, Coupon, Play Button, File Sharing and E-commerce. Phishing PDF files are often used as a secondary step and work in conjunction with their carrier (e.g. email or web post that contains the PDF files).


Considering this alarming trend in cyber threats, Lucy Security upgrades its solution to also include PDF files phishing attack simulation as one of its important training modules. In addition to the current 300 languages that Lucy supports, the new release 4.8.4 also supports Burmese, Chinese Cantonese and Vietnamese character sets.

The new release also allows users to display all attack simulation link clicks and export them for further analysis. In addition, Lucy Security new release 4.8.4 also has several, as follows:

– Automatic training updates of the LMS portal and user statistics (auto-refresh).

– Immediate Diploma creation after passing the training

– Additional new field ‘Quiz passed on’ in the campaign statistics

– Additional columns in the Campaign Result Export to distinguish between quiz and non-quiz trainings to enhance report and analysis

– A new sorting function in the ‘Overall Recipient’ statistics

– Most of the report data is now also available via API

– Automatic language selection language in the End-User Portal

– Training status in the list of available trainings in the End-User Portal


With continuous software improvements, Lucy Security has consistently scored as the most trusted training software for cyber security learning platform in the world.