What is NetFlow Optimizer?

NetFlow Optimizer™ (NFO) is a powerful, software-only processing engine designed to handle network flow data from a variety of sources. It accepts NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, J-Flow from network devices like routers, switches, firewalls, and virtual networks, as well as Cloud Flow Logs from AWS VPC, Microsoft Azure, Oracle OCI, and Google VPC. NFO offers real-time network monitoring and advanced operational intelligence and security for both virtual and physical networks.


Key Functions of NFO:

  • Data Volume Reduction: NFO aggregates flow records to significantly reduce the volume of flow data, making it easier to store and analyze.
  • Data Enrichment: It enhances flow data with additional valuable information such as VM names, application details, and user identities, providing richer context and making the data easier to interpret.
  • Data Conversion: NFO converts flow data into syslog or JSON formats, ensuring seamless ingestion into various observability platforms and SIEMs.

With these capabilities, NetFlow Optimizer ensures efficient data handling and improved network insight and security.


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