Introducing Work Diagnostics, an integral component of the Securaze Work software suite tailored for comprehensive testing of technical device functionalities. This diagnostic tool enhances report quality, bolsters the authenticity of Securaze products, and facilitates the efficient categorization of reusable and resalable items. Empowered with Work Diagnostics, users gain a meticulous overview of their assets, enabling informed decisions regarding repair, sale, or disposal with projected revenue considerations. Purchasers of pre-owned items benefit from a certification affirming equipment status, instilling confidence and reliability.

Automated or manual diagnostics can be initiated upon Work startup, depending on specific test requirements. Automated assessments encompass RAM, battery, motherboard, Bluetooth, and WiFi functionalities, seamlessly conducted in the background without operator intervention. Upon completion, users receive succinct notifications detailing test outcomes, including any encountered errors. Manual tests, such as USB, screen, webcam, keyboard, and mouse evaluations, necessitate user engagement for precise assessment.

USB port functionality is scrutinized by connecting a device to enumerate detected ports. Screen diagnostics involve selecting test parameters, triggering color transitions from red to green to blue, followed by alternating black and white squares, solid white, solid black, before returning to standard display. Screen anomalies can be pinpointed for targeted resolution.

Webcam diagnostics entail a straightforward activation, allowing operators to independently verify image quality. Keyboard evaluation mandates pressing all keys, with a successful test resulting in a green display of the entire keyboard, offering multiple layout options for comprehensive compatibility. Mouse or touchpad assessment involves intuitive swiping motions and button clicks for functionality confirmation.

Work’s diagnostics interface neatly presents test outcomes, denoted by green checkmarks for successful tests and red “X” marks for failures, ensuring clear and concise result interpretation.


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