Helsinki, Finland – November 22, 2021 – SSH has announced the availability of SSH Secure e-communication Suite that helps organizations send, sign, collect and share confidential and sensitive data in a secure fashion.

The Suite includes secure and encrypted emails, workspaces, signatures, and digital forms that allow processing information with confidence but without requiring any extra effort from the user. It can protect communications in cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments. “All organizations handle highly confidential information. They collect, process, sign, and share sensitive data in-house and with their partner network. The needs can be permanent or temporary – and arise often ad-hoc which is why we have ensured that there is virtually no learning curve for the users. Secure e-communication Suite can also be taken into use without extensive and time-consuming systems integration projects for great Return on Investment”, notes CEO Teemu Tunkelo.

Secure e-communication Suite is part of SSH’s Zero Trust solution portfolio. SSH’s Zero Trust portfolio provides JIT (Just In Time) and JEA (Just Enough Access) solutions for secure communications, access management, server connections, and digital key management.
The first Secure e-communication Suite solutions are already in use by customers.

For more information: SSH Secure e-Communications Suite

About SSH

SSH helps organizations safeguard their mission-critical digital assets at rest, in transit and in use. We have 5,000+ customers worldwide, including 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies, and major organizations in Finance, Government, Retail, and Industrial segment .
We are committed to helping our customers secure their business in the age of hybrid cloud and distributed IT and OT solutions. Our Zero Trust solutions offer safe electronic communications, secure access to servers and between servers. Our teams in North America, Europe, Asia along with a global network of certified partners ensure customer success. The company’s shares (SSH1V) are listed on Nasdaq

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For more information:
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SSH Communications Security
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