Helsinki, Finland – June 6, 2023 – To resolve various customer support problems regarding OpenSSH implementations, SSH has launched a support service for OpenSSH. As a result, customers benefit from high-quality SSH support services also for the open-source variant of SSH software. OpenSSH will be supported on Windows and Red Hat Linux platforms. The SSH protocol is a secure network protocol used to establish encrypted and secure remote connections and transfer data between different systems.

OpenSSH is an open-source implementation of the SSH protocol. It was initially released as a free version of SSH’s Tectia product. As an open-source product, OpenSSH is popular, especially as SSH client software. However, its usage in critical corporate environments has been partly limited due to a lack of high-quality support services or support from a single source for all SSH clients. Without proper support services, customers often invest in in-house OpenSSH expertise, resulting in increased operating costs and challenges in maintaining required service levels.


Fast response, expert assistance, and easy extension to Zero Trust SSH Solutions

Customers can access the SSH support team with Service Level Agreements like Tectia. Tectia’s R&D team can perform code-level analysis and propose patches to OpenSSH mainline or platform administrators. Customers benefit from single source support both for Tectia and OpenSSH products from experienced SSH technical support. Additional SSH Professional Services are also available, as well as other products in the SSH Zero Trust Suite portfolio.

“This is an essential step for the community using SSH-based products in a heterogeneous environment,” says SSH CEO Dr. Teemu Tunkelo. “As the first implementer of secure shell protocol, SSH Communications Security is committed to streamlining and enhancing the SSH experience for our customers. OpenSSH support service complements our existing Tectia offering, providing a comprehensive solution.”




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