Helsinki, Finland – March 16, 2023 –  The US federal government has shown significant interest in Quantum-Safe communications during 2022, most evidently through Quantum Cybersecurity Preparedness Act, which mandates all electronic communications to be Quantum-Safe after a transition period. The federal government acts as a transformation leader that is followed by other actors in the public sector and even private enterprises.

Tectia, the original and first commercial implementation of the SSH protocol, is implementing these emerging cybersecurity standards into products. New Tectia version 6.6.2 is specifically designed for US federal government agencies. With the optional FIPS mode already present in earlier versions of the solution, Tectia fulfills the requirements of the federal government.


Strong compliance with standards

FIPS is a standard for encryption algorithms that is mandatory for all US government agencies. While the current edition of FIPS does not specify Quantum-Safe algorithms, the Tectia implementation combines a FIPS-compliant algorithm with a NIST-approved Quantum-Safe algorithm, generating a hybrid solution that is both FIPS-compliant and Quantum-Safe.

“The US is our most important market for Tectia solutions,” says SSH CEO Dr. Teemu Tunkelo. “Since the federal government is the leader in Quantum-Safe solutions, it will be our most focus market for Tectia Quantum-Safe. Our Post-Quantum Cryptography development team is one of the strongest in Europe today.” Tunkelo concludes.



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