HONG KONG, 13 June 2023 — Graylog, an award-winning Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, announced today that it is strengthening its foothold in the Asia Pacific region, which now accounts for over 25% of Graylog’s global demand.

Graylog onboarded Pat Chiu as the Regional Sales Director-Asia to navigate this growth in November 2022. The company has also formed a strategic partnership with DT Asia to expand its presence in Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Joshua Ziel, Chief Sales Officer of Graylog, acknowledged the rising need for robust security solutions in Asia. “Our accelerated growth in the APAC region underscores the increasing demand for advanced security and log management solutions. An on-the-ground presence will let us serve this market better, with expectations to double revenues this year,” said Ziel.

DT Asia, a leader in providing cybersecurity solutions, views this partnership as a way to deliver affordable and intuitive security tools to Asia. “We are excited to collaborate with Graylog and bring to Asia a cost-effective yet powerful SIEM solution,” said Mike Tan, Co-founder and Director of DT Asia.

The timing of this expansion coincides with significant growth in security spending in the Asia/Pacific region, which IDC predicts will reach USD 36 billion in 2023, a 16.7% increase from the previous year. By 2026, spending on security-related products and services is projected to reach USD 55 billion, driven by factors like cyber-attacks, digital transformation, and hybrid workforce trends.



Graylog Security is a game-changing cybersecurity solution that offers robust, cost-effective ways to protect your organization against cyber threats. Using AI/ML, security analytics, advanced log management, and intelligent alerting, Graylog enables you to stay ahead of threats. Unlike traditional SIEM solutions that are complex and expensive, Graylog Security is easy to use and affordable, giving you a superior cybersecurity experience. For more information, visit, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.




About DT Asia

DT Asia began in 2007 with a clear mission to build the market entry for various pioneering IT security solutions from the US, Europe and Israel.

Today, DT Asia is a regional, value-added distributor of cybersecurity solutions providing cutting-edge technologies to key government organisations and top private sector clients including global banks and Fortune 500 companies. We have offices and partners around the Asia Pacific to better understand the markets and deliver localised solutions.