Entering the new era of the cybersecurity landscape, it is more important than ever for businesses and organizations to implement robust defensive cybersecurity measures to protect their critical data and communications. The number of cyber-attacks has risen dramatically in recent years, with criminals receiving state-level support. This puts organizations, including government agencies, critical industries and infrastructure, financial institutions, authorities, health institutions, and individual citizens, at great risk.

Many big organizations still use unencrypted communication methods like traditional email services, internal chat services, or even instant messaging services for their daily communications, where they share a ton of unprotected sensitive information, leaving them vulnerable to cyber-attacks and breaches.

Critical information, data, communications, and access to them, such as government, military, or business secrets, social security numbers of citizens, access to power grids, and other major operational technology, must be protected to prevent major loss of resources, identity thefts, or even national-level societal disruptions.

The New Era of Cybersecurity is Borderless and Quantum-Safe

Cybersecurity needs to be borderless, which means that organizations must be constantly secured equally on the internet, extranet, and intranet environments.

It is crucial to protect and secure all communications of your organization, not only the “visible” part of human-to-human communications, such as sharing an email with a coworker. You need to secure communications between people, from people to applications and machines, from machines to machines, and from applications to applications whenever there is sensitive data to be input, transferred, transmitted, emailed, shared, signed, or accessed.

And in the end, all the data must be encrypted with future-proof algorithms that withstand the computing capabilities of soon-coming quantum computers.  The classical encryption algorithms, which you use now to protect your data, will be in danger because of quantum computers. Why? Your organization’s communications can be recorded and stored by malicious actors and cyber criminals already now and then unencrypted later when quantum computers are available.

Source: https://www.ssh.com/blog/entering-the-new-era-of-cybersecurity

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