Reduce Cyber Risk for your organization

In 2021, 25 billion attacks on Azure AD accounts were reported. Your organization Active Directory (AD) security sits as your organization’s cornerstone, but it’s also every cyber villain’s favorite target whom can control your AD and then your entire enterprise.

Without a top-to-bottom AD cyber-resiliency framework in place, your organization is going to be exploited by a very real threat; ransomware, insider threats, misconfigurations are combing for your one misstep .  Meanwhile, the constantly changing and complex nature of AD environments makes AD security difficult.

To combat today’s advanced and evolving threats, you need a layered defense that protects you against every phase of an attack lifecycle. At Quest, we offer an approach that tackles defense in depth at every layer of the NIST Framework, so you can mitigate risk before, during and after an attack.

Details of the seminar:

👉🏻 Venue: AiSP, Marina Square

👉🏻 Date: 23 May 2023

👉🏻 Time: 6 – 8pm

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