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Defense. That’s the strategy you and your IT team need to take against cybersecurity threats. Adding heft to your cybersecurity defense starts by taking proactive steps long before a data breach or misuse of your sensitive data occurs. Selecting the right encryption method for securing data transfers can help shield against incidents that can wreak havoc with your budget, reputation with your customers, and cost precious time and resources.

In this 60-minute webinar you’ll learn about why encryption matters, how it works, and how encryption with MFT (managed file transfer) can be the difference between a secure file exchange and a vulnerable one. We’ll cover:

• Why encryption matters

• How encryption works

• Common encryption terms •

Several file exchange scenarios you can address with MFT


Are you actively exchanging files, large or small, with outside partners, customers and trading partners? Are you confident your file exchanges are secure at rest and in transit or do you need the security of encryption? Be sure to sign into this webinar to identify how GoAnywhere MFT can help address your file security needs with secure encryption protocols.