Web Application Firewall

WEB Insight SG


WEB INSIGHT SG is a hardware-based Gateway type appliance which is configured as a proxy in the network. It is a real Web firewall solution to detect and block hacking attempts from outside and attacks in real-time which is using web application vulnerability without performance degradation of each web server.


Main Features

– Provides 10G based high performance packet processing function

– Provides Transparent Proxy based powerful security function(IPv4, IPv6)

– Provides various configuration mode which are optimized for the costumer’s network environment

– Provides HA function for ensuring availability of Costumer Service

  • In-Line
  • One-Armed
  • Out-of-Path
  • Multi-segment
  • Port-Trunk(Tagged VLAN)
  • Active-Active, Active-Standby

Main Functions

– Blocks various type of web attack

  • Prevention of OWASP Top 10 and NCSC 8 vulnerabilities
  • Prevention of XSS / Injection attack
  • Prevention of HTTP-based DDoS attack
  • Prevention of Application Exploits
  • SSL Termination
  • Provides functions to block the latest web vulnerability attacks through automatic update feature

– Supports convenient management function

  • Provides intuitive WEB based user interface
  • Provides various log searching and management functions
  • Provides statistics and reporting functions
  • Provides integrated log interworking function through SNMP and SIEM


– Enforcement Decree of the Personal Information Protection Act (2011.09.30)

  • When collect the personal information, collect a minimum information (Article 15, 16)
  • When handling the personal information, oblige safety measures (Article 24, 29)
  • Prohibit outflow of the personal information without legal authority (Article 59) – WISG Policy

– WISG Policy

  • Protection for Personal information leakage(masking)
  • Blocks uploading/downloading the file which contains personal information