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 The toolstar® product family simplifies error search in computers, servers and notebooks. Instead of the usual “trial and error” process, we test professionally. Support tasks are therefore quicker and more efficiently carried through.


 Our technology

With the toolstar® product family it is easy to find errors in PCs, servers or notebooks. Instead of “trial and error” is being tested professionally. Support tasks are faster and more efficient.

Our data recovery tools bring back damaged files and directories. Hard disks are duplicated or deleted with our hard disk tools.

Save time with toolhouse products

A look at our chart shows the time it takes a technician or administrator to test a certain number of PCs a month.


With the usual test method (without test equipment), we estimate an average working time of 30 minutes per PC. This value is based on surveys and experience and is of course variable.


  • Massive reduction of costs
    • Due to reduction in service, output control or in-company support time, up to 50% time/cost reduction.
  • All tests can be run automatically
    • Set-up of transparent and calculable runs.
  • Detailed logging
    • Your document for work carried out.
  • Continual development
    • Invest into products which are safe investments.
  • Technical support
    • We would gladly answer any questions you have.
  • Individual development
    • Talk to us about your ideas and requests, we would like to put them into practice for you.

Tests with toolstar®test specify the time the technician needs to start the test procedures. The duration of the tests is flexible and freely configurable. For example, a burn-in test can take several hours, a short check to the exit control just a few minutes. In both cases, however, the time spent on the technician is the same.

Whether you are testing five or 1,000 PCs, using toolstar®test saves you about 90% of your time.

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