Enterprises and government organizations around the world use Tectia SSH Client/Server to secure their most critical IT processes including ad hoc and automated file transfers as well as remote systems administration. Tectia SSH offers the features, reliability and manageability that are simply not available with open source solutions. Gain the assurance of deploying mature, commercial software backed by the support of the world’s experts in Secure Shell technology.

SSH Communications Security is a world-leading provider of enterprise security solutions, end-to-end communications security and the original developer of the Secure Shell protocol. The Tectia® Client and Server products offer strong, FIPS 140-2 certified encryption and flexible authentication to address the critical security requirements of large enterprises, government agencies and financial institutions.



The Tectia Client/Server solution secures data-in-transit without the need for any modification to applications, infrastructure and with no disruptions to the experience.

An intuitive GUI allows for easy local configuration of secure terminal access, file transfer, application tunneling, authentication, encryption and access settings for rapid deployment.

This solution offers support for multiple platforms including Unix, Linux and Windows as well as IBM z/OS and Linux on IBM system z. Customers benefit from a cost-effective, unified and expandable file-transfer and security platform.



Multi-tier security architecture

Configurable re-keying policies

Authentication agent functionality

Multiple channel support – multiple secure sessions are multiplexed to a single TCP/IP connection

Compliance with the IETF Secure Shell (SECSH) standards

User and Server Authentication

User and Server Authentication

Password user authentication

Public-key authentication (Client and Server)

Two-factor user authentication based on smart cards and cryptographic tokens

Keyboard-interactive interface for easy integration with third-party methods

Support for GSSAPI/Kerberos

Support for OpenSSH keys

Ease of Use

Windows graphical user interfaces for end users and system administrators

User-specific connection profiles for easy session setup

Nested tunnels for end-to-end communications security in remote access

Centralized, transparent Secure Shell management with SSH Tectia Manager

Secure File Transfer

Secure drag-and-drop file transfers with Windows graphical user interface

SFTP and SCP command-line tools for interactive and unattended use

Multi-gigabyte file size support

Strong data encryption

Strong file integrity checking

Anonymous secure file transfers with the SFTP protocol

Data stream compression for low-speed connections

SFTP Extensions for MVS dataset direct streaming

SFTP Extensions for SITE command support

Support for MVS and USS file systems

Automatic EBCDIC-ASCII Character


Secure Application Connectivity

Automatic Tunneling

TCP/IP port forwarding

Secure forwarding of X11 sessions

Transparent TCP Tunneling – no modifications required to the secured application

Easy configuration with comprehensive Filter Rules

Automated Connection Setup – destination hostname captured from the data stream

Configurable fallback to plaintext option

Support for connections to any Secure Shell server, including OpenSSH

Secure System Administration

Replacement of Telnet, Rlogin and FTP

The Tectia Client and Server products, based on the award winning SSH Secure Shell, are used by system administrators worldwide as a secure replacement for tools such as Telnet, FTP and the Unix R-utilities.

Secure Remote Commands

The Tectia Client and Server products are also used in business critical network environments for performing remote administrative tasks such as remote commands that require strong authentication and strong encryption before any operation is authorized on the remote servers.

Secure Application Connectivity with Tectia Client & Server


To cost-effectively extend the useful lifetime of unsecured legacy applications and systems, Tectia Client and Server provide Enterprise IT and security departments with tools to strongly authenticate users and processes and to transparently encrypt application data-in-transit without modifications to existing applications or infrastructure.

These tools allow system administrators and users to securely use remote desktop software such as VNC and RDP, or business applications such as e-mail and financial applications.

Automatic Secure Connection Setup

Tectia Client can be used on Windows computers to transparently secure essential application connections with automatic secure connection setup. Tectia Client can automatically open and secure the connection based on the information provided by the software that needs to be secured, thus eliminating the need to generate complicated configurations for connecting to a large amount of different servers.

Tectia SSH client server datasheet brochure

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