SSH Communications Security whose headquarters is in Helsinki, Finland, launches its new product “CryptoAuditor” in Singapore on 24 September 2012.  The company has more than 3,000 customers worldwide including service providers and financial institutions and Singapore is the first South-east Asian country to launch the company’s “CryptoAuditor”, a product which is able to audit and review encrypted data and monitor privileged users activities even in encrypted environments.

The article noted Mr. Tommi’s comments that CryptoAuditor is able to provide a fully transparent auditing solution and strong data-in-transit security that requires no changes to existing network architecture.  It also noted Mr. Ricky’s comments that one of the benefits of the CryptoAuditor is that it can be easily managed through a central management system that has a audit trail storage where activities can be replayed or monitored in real time and therefore reduces the risk of data history being tampered by privileged or external users.