Privileged Access Monitoring

Crypto Auditor

CryptoAuditor is a centrally managed inline appliance or virtual appliance which has the ability to audit and review encrypted data and monitor privileged users’ activities even in encrypted environments.

One of the key benefits of the CryptoAuditor is that it can be easily managed through a central management system that has an audit trail storage where activities can be replayed or monitored in real time and therefore reduces the risk of data history being tampered by privileged or external users.

Seeing uptime with the highest priority, CryptoAuditor provides 4 different levels of fault tolerance and high availability ranging from active/passive setups to active/active.

CryptoAuditor Technology offers to:

• Reduce the Risks from Trusted Insiders: CryptoAuditor delivers immediate control and accountability over your privileged access users, closing a significant security gap in your information security architecture.

• Provide extensive Yet Transparent Footprint: With its minimally invasive approach, CryptoAuditor captures a broad array of traffic across all of your needed audit points while remaining transparent to administrators.

• Ensure deployment ease in Your Existing Architecture: CryptoAuditor is designed to easily deploy across your distributed architecture and makes management easy through a one console approach.