Persistent File-based Security

Fasoo Enterprise DRM

How secure are your files? What would happen to your business if a file with sensitive information were to leave your organization? Can you afford not to have the best protection solutions? Fasoo Enterprise DRM protects the file itself to provide a more secure work environment.

Fasoo Enterprise DRM is a file-based security solution that prevents the exposure of sensitive and confidential files by trusted insiders, business partners, customers and unauthorized people.

Here is the problem with traditional content management systems: People can easily access sensitive business information from mobile, cloud or virtual environments. This allows us to communicate and collaborate more conveniently, but increases the risk of losing our trade secrets, classified documents and PII (Personally Identifiable Information) with just one click. Against these threats, file-based security is the best solution to protect you from information leaks.

Documents are secure while they remain in a controlled boundary, like a content management system. DLP (Data Loss Prevention), firewalls, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems can protect information from outside attacks or potentially stop sensitive information from leaving an organization. These solutions can’t stop everything and increase the complexity of the network infrastructure. Authorized people inside your organization can send out sensitive information by mistake or deliberately. That information is no longer secure once it leaves your organization.


Fasoo Enterprise DRM protects, controls, and traces sensitive files containing intellectual property, trade secrets, PII, and more. It maintains file protection and prevents unintended information disclosure no matter where it is.

In contrast with conventional security solutions, Fasoo Enterprise DRM protects information itself persistently whether it is stored, being used, being transmitted, or even after transmission, throughout the entire document lifecycle. This is the only complete and effective solution that protects you against unwanted information leaks from anyone.

Fasoo Enterprise DRM uses an encryption in their solutions that is certified from Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS), to protect and manage sensitive documents in any environment whether it is saved to a PC, downloaded from a server, printed, or sent by email.

Fasoo Enterprise DRM is an essential security infrastructure component for every enterprise application system as mobile and cloud computing diversify and expand the enterprise IT environment.

With Fasoo Enterprise DRM, organizations can safely share confidential documents internally and externally, freeing themselves of any concern about unintended information loss.

Fasoo Enterprise DRM Key Facts

  • Global leader in enterprise DRM
  • First company in the world to commercialize DRM as a product
  • World’s largest enterprise DRM customer base
  • Fasoo is the only company that has developed and equipped their encryption module “Fasoo Crypto Framework” with a National Intelligence Service certified encryption technology
  • Supports any environment where files are distributed
  • Can be integrated with information systems such as ECM, ERP, PLM and more
  • Extend security to mobile and cloud environments
  • Deployed to more than 1,100 organizations, with over 2 million users around the world
  • In 2014, Fasoo was awarded as a winner in the Security Products and Solutions for Enterprise (Large) category at Info Security Products Guide’s Golbal Excellence Awards
  • In 2011, Fasoo was awarded with the ‘2011 Global Digital Rights Management Competitive Strategy Innovation of the Year’ from global research and consulting company, Frost and Sullivan
  • In 2010, Fasoo was referenced as one of the “Global Top 6 DRM Companies” in an Aberdeen Group Report
  • In 2010, Fasoo was the only Asian company to be referred as one of the “Global Enterprise DRM Top 7 Vendors’ from world renowned global research & consulting company, Gartner

GS (Good Software) Certified

Encryption Technology Certified by the National Intelligence Serivce

CC (Common Criteria) Certified

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