Endpoint Advanced Threat Defence – Fidelis Endpoint

Is your organisation looking for a solution for automating remediation and hastening the incident response process?

Is your organisation looking for a solution which can prevent modern malware attacks? (For example: traditional solutions adopting whitelisting approach creates a single point of failure, and every time an application changes the hash value generated, upon which the whitelist depends, will also change.)

Fidelis Endpoint™

Detect threats in real time and automate your investigation and response.

Focus on the alerts that matter. Fidelis Endpoint identifies compromised endpoints and automates your investigation and response by eliminating time-consuming manual steps so you triage and validate suspected incidents faster. Harvest rich system metadata from endpoints, correlate against Fidelis’ intelligence, threat reputation services and third-party threat intelligence feeds so you know which endpoints are compromised. When compromised endpoints are identified, you can automatically remediate them. Fidelis Endpoint provides the visibility, context and automation required to identify and stop security incidents as they are unfolding.


  • Detect attacks other solutions miss.
  • Identify and stop targeted attacks just as they are beginning.
  • Correlate seemingly unrelated network activity and behavior.
  • Reduce time to detect and resolve incidents.
  • Discover unmanaged devices on your network.


Data Sheet

Connected dots equal safer data. See how Fidelis Endpoint automates your response by tracing alerts to the laptops and servers where your critical data lives.

Fidelis Endpoint Capabilities & Details

Accelerate Triage and Validate Suspected Incidents

Automatically harvest rich system information from endpoints and correlate it against threat reputation services, advanced threat detectors and threat intelligence to confirm when endpoints are compromised.

Automate Incident Response Workflows

Easily create and customize response workflows specific to the organization. Automatically kick off remediation or perform forensic analysis by defining trigger rules and actions with the alert response workflow engine.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Identify threats as they happen on the network or endpoint. Fidelis Endpoint continuously monitors and stores endpoint activity providing real-time visibility into what’s happening in your environment.

Respond Immediately

Integrate with SIEMs, next-generation firewalls and alerting tools to accelerate your response and trace alerts to compromised endpoints.

Detect Threats as They Happen

Continuously query event data to identify malicious threat activity as it occurs and generate real-time alerts.

Proactively Hunt for Threats

Apply network- or host-based intelligence in any format, to rapidly identify compromised endpoints and automatically take action.

Know What Happened Using Playback

Protect your systems by recording key events (e.g. files accessed, running processes, registry changes, and network and DNS activity) and receiving a detailed timeline related to a suspected incident along with prioritized alerts.

Stop Data Theft and Remediate Endpoints

Halt data exfiltration and lateral movement by isolating endpoints, halting processes, wiping files, and kicking off a script to initiate an anti-virus scan.

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Network Advanced Threat Defence – Fidelis Network

Are you aware that modern malware attacks can easily bypass perimeter defences and anti-virus detection?

Is your organisation looking for a solution that detects advanced threats at every stage of the threat attack lifecycle? (Infiltration, Command and Control, Lateral Movement, Data Exfiltration)

Fidelis Network™

Detect attacks traditional IPSs can’t see and resolve threats 30% faster.

Analyze all of your organization’s network traffic at multi-gigabit speeds. With Fidelis Network you can detect the tools and tactics of advanced attackers including advanced malware, exploits and command and control activity that typically bypass traditional network security systems and IPSs. Identify attacker behavior including lateral movement and the staging of data for exfiltration. Fidelis Network provides the visibility, context and speed required to identify threats and ensure data theft never happens.

Data Sheet

Connected dots equal safer data. See how Fidelis Endpoint automates your response by tracing alerts to the laptops and servers where your critical data lives.

Fidelis Network Capabilities & Details

Detection at Every Stage of the Attack Lifecycle

Detect attackers that other security solutions miss at every stage of the attack lifecycle including when attackers move laterally, establish command and control footholds and prepare to steal data. Other solutions just look at the initial phases and in the initial layers of attacker’s exploits. We dig as deep as attackers live – to the lowest level of the content traversing your network and on every port and protocol.

Deep Session Inspection®

Decode and analyze content in real-time, no matter how deeply embedded it is. Our Deep Session Inspection engine sees every single packet that traverses the network, reassembles those packets into session buffers in RAM, and recursively decodes and analyzes the protocols, applications and content objects in those session buffers in real-time – while the sessions are occurring. This allows us to “see deeper” into applications and, in particular the content that’s flowing over the network.

Visibility Across All Ports and Protocols

Watch network traffic on all ports and protocols, including misuse of protocols and services on non-standard ports.

Detect and Investigate Retroactively

Investigate what attackers have done in the past. By collecting and storing rich content-level metadata, Fidelis Network provides a lighter, faster and less expensive way to analyze historical data.

Accelerate Investigation Cycles

Simplify the most time consuming investigative task – gathering data – and make it much easier to get to the bottom of what is happening so your experts can focus on what’s important.

Stop Attackers on the Network

Identify attackers when they are active on your network and unilaterally block unauthorized transfers of information in real-time, across all ports and protocols, without depending on third-party proxies.

Detect the Undetectable

Fidelis’ unique patent-pending metadata capture, storage and automated security analytics accelerates the ability to detect and perform analysis of advanced targeted attacks.

Multiple Capabilities, One Product.

Fidelis offers tightly integrated malware analysis, advanced threat detection, network forensics, data loss prevention (DLP), and security analytics capabilities in a single interface.

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Anything you need to know about the solution and how to implement it.