Database Firewall

Financial Supervisory Service 6770-01060 (Information Management Task of the FSS Individual Clients)
– The direction of supervision of the FSS has changed toward internal control and prevention oriented way
Ministry of Information Communication’s public notice 2005-18 (a law regarding promotion of information telecommunication use and information security)
– A public notice regarding the criteria of technical and managerial protection measures for personal information – (Mar.3.24)

– Responsibilities of the IT service providers to store, regularly check, supervise such data as personal information, 

– In case of public offices, all DB queries performed by the employees of outside contractors or outsiders need to be monitored

processed date and time, processed details, and connection records (IT Security Stipulations article 26, clause 7)
– In case of public offices, all DB queries performed by the employees of outside contractors or outsiders need to be monitored
Sarbanes-Oxley ACT: an innovation law for US companies (Establishment of an internal control system)
– Also applicable to the companies listed in the US stock market
Auto generation of DB security policies through a self-learning 

– Auto generation of policies through the SQL query self-learning 

– Establishment of blocking policies through the dynamic database profiling technique

Proxy Base Implementing  

– A hardware united DB security equipment to be installed without changing the existing network environment 

– (No need to change the TNS, no need for TAP equipment)

Authority Control
– Object based control

– SQL command based control

– SQL statement level control 

– By analyzing SQL statements, commands and objects are separated and authority control policies are automatically generated

– Authority control policies are generated after analyzing SQL statements and learning SQL types

– Detection log analysis

– DB traffic analysis

Logging and audit    
– Setting condition for the IP and DB users

– Auditing local based connections

Access control  
– Access control per IP user, DB user, and connection time
Physical Independent Impact Implementing
Gateway Mode
-No need to change the TNS

-No client software used for the change of the TNS 

-No need for a separate FOD

Sniffing Mode
– No need for separate TAP equipment
Support of the Proxy Based Full Transparent Mode first in Korea    
– No change is made for the existing network environment

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