Mr. Mike Tan


DT Asia group


Founder and Director of DT Asia group


20 mins




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How Top Government Organizations and Global Technology Companies Fight Advanced Cyber Threats


Mr. Mike Tan

Mike graduated from University of Alberta, Canada in 1989 with a degree in Computer Engineering. He did R&D work for his university and the Singapore Defence Science Organization before working the next 15 years for technology giants Hewlett-Packard and Dell. Since 2007, Mike has founded various business start-ups. DT Asia was created as a value added distribution for best-in-class information leakage protection service and solutions for government and financial institutions across Asia. DT technology partners include leading-edge security companies from USA, Israel, Hungary, Finland and South Korea.

Mr. Mike Tan


General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions provide comprehensive products and expert services to combat today’s sophisticated advanced threats and malware protection. Designed to handle the most demanding network environments, Fidelis XPS unique combination of advanced threat detection/prevention and incident response capabilities in a single, tightly integrated system is unparalleled and have consistently ranked top by NSS Lab.



DT Asia (DT) identifies and partners with forwarding looking technology companies to jointly bring clear and targeted security solutions to our partners and customers. The solutions that we bring all adopt new and cutting edge technologies with proven customer base from around the world.

They include solutions from US, Israel, Finland, Korea, Hungary:

FIDELIS – advanced breach detection system (anti-APT)

INTELLINX – the fraud management system

PORTNOX – next generation network access control

BALABIT – advanced log management and privileged users monitoring


a. INTELLINX – the user behavior monitoring which helps organization to detect suspicious or unusual activities including fraud, risky user behaviors, system errors, etc by applying the rule engine on data captured of all user actions on banking system. It supports obtain easy compliance to PCI-DSS/Basel II and other banking regulations.

b. PORTNOX – Known as an advanced agentless NAC solutions, provides port level monitoring and enforcement. It helps organization to answer those questions Who is currently accessing your network? Can you enforce a location-based access policy? Can you tell a phone from a pc, printer or any IP device? How long does it take to find the device owner? Who can access what from where and when? How long does it take to contain infected devices? What is considered to be my network?

c. FIDELIS – an advanced breach detection system that protects organizations against advanced persistent threats (APT). Recommended highly by NSS Labs with 98.4% overall detection rate and low TCO, customers include technology giants like IBM, Microsoft, Google as well as US Dept. of Homeland Security and US Air Force.

d. BALABIT: a solution for monitoring privileged user sessions. Nowadays, the news is full of similar cyber-attacks conducted by privileged users or users getting access to privileged accounts. Balabit will help you to know “who did what on your servers or privileged accounts?” to help you avoiding the risk from this inadvertently or crystal activities.


DT Asia brings to Vietnam the most advanced threat detection system used by the US government and top technology companies. Rated highly by independent NSS Labs, Fidelis customers include top technology companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft as well as US government agencies like Dept of Homeland Security and US Air Force.