SSH Communications Security launches new product

SSH Communications Security whose headquarters is in Helsinki, Finland, launches its new product “CryptoAuditor” in Singapore on 24 September 2012.  The company has more than 3,000 customers worldwide including service providers and financial institutions and Singapore is the first South-east Asian country to launch the company’s “CryptoAuditor”,

Father of SSH working on new version of crypto standard

Network World – The Secure Shell (SSH) cryptographic network protocol that’s supported in software for server authentication and machine-to-machine communications is headed for a significant update. “There will be a new version of SSH,” says Tatu Ylonen, CEO of SSH Communications Security, pointing to the IETF draft document that’s recently been

Save The Date Event: Coverging Threats and Reducing Risks across business units

  The converging world of fraud, internal audit, operational risk and compliance require a unified and robust solution as well as “out of the box” thinking.Learn how the Intellinx holistic approach will help you mitigate fraud and manage risk: protecting your assets, your customers and your reputation.

Government Ware Event

  Govware 2013 Date: 1 – 3 Oct 2013 Venue: Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre

Secure Shell key mismanagement poses big risk to your data

Nearly every major network environment today – including governments, large enterprises and financial institutions – uses a version of the Secure Shell data-in-transit protocol, to protect data as it moves throughout the network and allow for administrators to manage systems remotely. Secure Shell works by creating an

Meeting the Revised MAS Technology Risk Management Guidelines

        Dear Partners, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has released its revised Technology Risk Management (TRM) Guidelines in June 2013. The document presents a set of principles and best practice standards for financial institutions, to establish a sound and robust technology risk management framework,

Nine Questions to Ask When Selecting a Security Vendor

1.Can they thwart bad guys at all phases in the threat lifecycle? Don’t forget that malware and APTs are not the same thing. Your adversaries are engaging in reconnaissance. Then they’re infiltrating your network using malware, stolen passwords, targeted phishing, network vulnerabilities or other methods. Afterward, they’re