Enterprise 2012

Data-Terminator constantly brings the best in class solution to our customer via the best available platform and this year we successfully showcase our Security and Auditing Tools that is non-intrusive to your environment. This includes leading edge solution from Tectia/SSH, Skybox, Accesslayer, Intellinx and More.  

Technology Risk Management Guidelines by Monetary Authority of Singapore

Cost-Effective Controls for Compliance The Technology Risk Management Guidelines, published by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, present best practices for financial institutions to establish a technology risk management framework and to strengthen system security. This white paper will examine the guidelines, highlight particularly significant and challenging requirements

SSH key mismanagement potentially worse in Asia, says founder

Unmanaged Secure Shell (SSH) keys can leave a door open for authorized access by both malicious insiders and external threats, and these can be left undiscovered for years if ever. Over the past decade, very little attention has been paid over to the worsening situation because it